Monday, November 14, 2011

Leanne & David {{Tulsa Wedding Photographer}}

It was seven years in the making for this beautiful couple.  Seven years full of waiting in great anticipation for the day David's stunningly beautiful future wife would walk down the isle to become his forever. 

Ties tied and dresses cinched their day finally arrived: and not a  moment too soon.  I've photographed a few weddings in my career and every single time a bride descends down an isle towards her groom I get choked up.  This time was absolutely not exception.  The anticipation these two held for the moment of finally saying 'I do' was felt heavily in the October air.  Everyone there knew what they were witnessing was right.  Everyone knew it was absolutely meant to be which made every moment that passed absolutely perfect.

Leanne and David, I am eternally grateful to you two for choosing me to capture these special moments in both of your lives.  For letting me witness the special love that you two share with each other. 

Internet, take a peek into the sweet day that Leanne became the eternal other half of David.

Ugh, these images make me swoon.

To a see a little more of Leanne & David's love story click on the slide show below.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Meagan {{Tulsa Senior Photographer}}

Meagan.  I was excited about this one for quite awhile and believe me, it did not disappoint. 

She's a funny one, this girl.  Up for anything. 

When she first got out of the car I was greeted with a husky 'Hi, I'm Meagan'.  Oh, do you have allergy problems?  No, I'm just losing my voice.

Well, sweet Meagan.  I figured out your secret.  A certain friend of yours spilled and told me you lost your voice because you were cheering on a certain baseball team!!  Busted.

Friends, I'm still holding on to hope that this sweet little thing is going to choose my Alma Mater for her college of choice.  Hey, if it helps... our football team is #2 in the poles!!!!!! (Go Pokes!)

And ya know, because none of us are satisfied with only 4 images.  Here's a slideshow of this beautiful senior!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Glitz & Glam :: {Tulsa Senior Photographer}

Do you have a senior graduating in 2012?  ARE you a senior graduating in 2012?  do you know someone who is? 

This is the deal for you and it only runs through the month of July so book early... we're almost sold out!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

A World With Other Halves :: {Tulsa Family Photographer}

The first time we met we were among 150 other young freshman girls at our Alma mater... all pledging the same sorority.  Sitting in a large upper room of the sorority house, every girl went around and said who they were and where they were from.  This is your introduction into sorority life.  As an 18 year old girl, thrown into a fairly small room {when it's filled with every member of our house... around 300 girls}.  And this was our introduction to each other. 

It seems like that moment was just yesterday, but then again, seems so long ago.  It's been 8 years since we first sat in that room and introduced ourselves to one another.

I had the honor of photographing this sweet sorority sister of mine and her other half a few weeks ago.  We actually gathered the whole clan together, all 11 of them, on a nice and steamy Sunday afternoon and snapped a thousand few shots of their sweet fam together. 

Internet, meet my admirably gorgeous friend, Chesley and her sweet, sweet other halves.

Now, Chesley just stop.  You're making the rest of look bad!

I just love how the youngest one is looking at his brother like, what the heck are you doing??

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

You may remember Kyla from her engagement session a few months ago.  This woman is simply amazing.  Her heart is as pure as, well, something completely pure.  She loves deeply.  Lives fully and regrets nothing.

I've been waiting for a while now to debut her gorgeous bridal images, and, in honor or her beautiful wedding yesterday, here you have it!  The new Mrs. Kyla T.

Kyla you make a stunning bride and I couldn't be happier for you and Tyler!  Congratulations!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hello??: {Tulsa Wedding Photographer}

{knock,tap, tap}  Hello?  

{tap, tap, tap}  Heeelllloooo? Internet?

{cough, cough}  I'm sorry.....

If you want to give me the award for the worst blogger of the year, I'm currently accepting it.  Because I know.  and I'm sorry.

If you have a blog you may understand what happened.  Or if you're a fellow photographer... you probably get it too.  It's so hard to blog every single day.  Not because I don't want to... but because it's hard to figure out what to say every day.  Hard to know the line between how much is too much about my personal life and what is the right combination.  Plus, at times, telling myself I had to blog every day brought on a whole new stress.  So I'm sorry.  I don't mean to lay it all out there.. but thought I should be honest about why I disappeared.  

So hopefully I'm back.  Maybe not every day... because.  well.  I talk a lot but can never think of enough things to tell you guys.

Thanks for understanding and if I go on a hiatus again... send me a note and let me know!